(Class of 2004)

Greg lives in Anchorage and is in his 8th year working for Alaska Communications. When asked what he does for Alaska Communications, Greg explained, “ I am a Service Delivery Lead, which basically means I coordinate getting things from point A to point B, whether that’s something as simple as an analog phone line from the CO to a small business, or something as complex as a multi-site network.” Greg got all his training on-the-job. During the course of 7 years, he’s had 4 different jobs that have all built on one another; he says a guy can learn a lot in 7 years!

Greg has also maintained his love for music through the years, although his most recent band recently split up. They played local shows all over the state, opened for Reel Big Fish New Year’s Eve in 2015 and played one of the bigger stages at the Alaska Road to Warped Tour.

Greg says his goals for his 30’s are to “travel more and work on becoming a better person”. Well, Greg, we think you’re a pretty cool person already, but we could all stand to make that our goal! Thanks for checking in and sharing some of your life with us!!