(Class of 2011)

Kiana shares this update with us:

“My name is Kiana Beddow and I graduated in 2011. I started working at St. Elias Brewing company the summer I graduated and then took a short break when I moved to Burbank, CA for special effects makeup school. When I moved back home I started working at the brewery again and doing makeup on the side. Fast forward a few years: I still do makeup, I still work for St. Elias, except as the Front of the House Manager and server. I’m in charge of all the hostesses, servers and bartenders, and I love it there! In September of 2016, my boyfriend and I bought a house in town. And in February 2017, I put myself through esthetic school in Anchorage. It was a 9-week program where I commuted back and forth every week, working when I was home. Now I’m so happy to say I’m a licensed esthetician in the State of Alaska, and have started my own business. I travel as much as I can! I just got back from 3 weeks in Europe with my family!”