(Class of 2005) Ryan shares, “After high school, I attended Corban College for 2 years. I met a great girl whom I knew I was going to marry, so I took a break from college and joined the California Army National Guard. I attended basic and advanced training and was then deployed to Kosovo in 2009. I returned home from overseas and followed that same girl (who was now my fiance) to Santa Barbara, CA where she had a job as a Historical Curator for the Ronald Reagan Ranch. Danielle and I were married June 5, 2010, in Medford, Oregon. We continued to live in Santa Barbara. I started working for the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department in the County Jail in January 2011. September 2012, we welcomed our oldest son Harrison into the world. April 2015 we welcomed my second son Grayson into our family. I worked as a Custody Deputy until June 2017, when we moved to Spokane, WA. I have been a Realtor for almost 3 years, but mostly part-time, as I worked at the jail full-time. Danielle and I are now full-time Brokers in Washington and Idaho. We are expecting our first daughter in December and are thrilled to meet her! We are trusting God in our every step as our family grows! Thank you and God Bless!”