(Class of 2016)

Sydney shares with us,

I just graduated from beauty school last Wednesday and will be taking state boards in January to get my license to start doing what I love! I’m applying now to get a temporary license that lasts till I can take my state boards. I’m having a lot of fun; I get to do what I love every day! Not everyone feels beautiful all the time, not everyone feels loved all the time, and this profession has taught me a lot about humility and patience. Some people I see are ex-criminals, deaf or blind, or have mental illnesses. Some have skin conditions that people look at as ugly, and they are treated badly. Many are outcasts. So, in a way, I feel like I heal people’s self-esteem. I like to keep an air of professionalism, but I also like to be friendly and interactive with my clients. I’ll ask them things like, “How is your day going, and what’s the most exciting thing that happened to you this week?” I try to be inviting, but still remain a professional. I love my job, not because of the things I get to do, but because I make people love themselves again, and that’s what makes me happiest and what gets me up in the morning. I get to get up and make the world beautiful. Hair color is my favorite thing to do; I love all the different colors! The processes to get there are all so different, so they make me think, and I love the challenge. I have made many friends in this industry and I love them so much; they are like family to me. I am going to continue educating myself and learn more tricks of the trade.