Congratulations to Junior, Dakota Moos, for placing first locally and state-wide in the 2019 Veteran’s of Foreign Wars Patriotic Art Contest!

Dakota, who loves anything to do with sewing, took advantage of the new category of 3-D art this year and created a patriotic quilt square for her entry! Here’s her description of her entry: “Raggedy stars and fraying stripes adorn this replica of the first official flag for a new nation. Thirteen stars, each unique in size and shape, form a ring representing the unity, but distinctiveness, of the thirteen original states. The black surrounding the flag reminds us of the hard times it has seen and the sacrifices of those who fight for it. However, the victories and hopes of those who stand behind it lighten the corners of the darkness until they shine bright. It is an old flag, worn by years of tragedy and triumph, but standing firm for the principle on which our country was founded: freedom. Depicted on the opposite side is a young soldier and his comrades in the sky, fighting to protect that principle and the people who believe in it.”

Great job, Dakota! We are proud of you!